Find a Name for your Product or Build a Product based on the Name.


Why should I subscribe to your newsletter?

Subscribers get a head start on the domains before it is listed for everyone on the website. Also, subscribers will also receive exclusive discounts during our promotions.


Will you send me spam?

Nope. Just five high quality domains.


How is this different from other already available curated domain products or domain sellers or brand name marketplaces?

Just like art, each product depends on its quality of work. aims to provide high quality domain names that are also really affordable. Prices are guaranteed for 24 hours from the time they are listed on the website. We brainstorm ideas and come up with domain names that make you think -

Is that domain really available to buy? / Why didn’t I think of that before?

It is also inspired by this tweet.

Try the newsletter to understand the difference.


How do I get the domain after I place the order?

You will get a domain transfer instruction / invite to the email you used to purchase the domain. 


Will I also get the logo along with the domain?

No. Just the domain name. Since we aren't allowed to resell the icon, you can buy them directly at 


How are the domains selected?

Each domain is handpicked from hours and hours of manual brainstorming. Some of the domains are newly registered while some are sourced from our existing cache. No AI, just organic human intelligence.


How much does each domain cost?

Domain prices differ depending on the name and the extension and guaranteed for 24 hours from the day the domains are listed on the site and increase to their regular retail prices after that.


How do I unsubscribe?

Each newsletter has an unsubscribe link attached to it.


What happened to the Product Hunt promotion?

Product Hunt promotion is discontinued from 4/8/2020. If you had bought a domain during the promotion and used it for your product which ranked to Top 5 product of the day, do let us know using our contact form. Congratulations, we will refund your money back.


What happened to the old website?

We listened to the feedback from our subscribers and re-launched the website with different pricing strategy that is more affordable for users from the start.


What is Five Domains? was inspired by lots of other curated domain products and branded domain providers. We hope to be different with the quality of our inventory. Each domain listed is something that we ourselves would use if we are starting a similar project. 

 Also, if you want to use any of these domains available on the site for your open source project, just shoot us an email and we can work something out.

Why are there too many references to "five" all over the website?

Glad you noticed. High five ✋